“Mediatization”: what is it & an example

“Mediatization” is how media becomes central to the shaping and doing of institutions.

This act of “mediatization” occurs because society cannot be separated from from the media. Digital media is constantly shaping the world around us, specifically the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is always evolving and on to “the next big thing” to wear and buy. Digital media has created newer and better ways of expanding the way to wear and show off clothing. As mentioned by Angès Rocamora in “Mediatization and Digital Media in the Field of Fashion”, there are four practices of fashion. These practices are production, consumption, distribution, and diffusion. These four practices have become been transformed by “mediatization”.

Rocamora states, “The fashion industry has embraced digital media to the point that they are now intrinsic to and formative of many practices taking place in the industry and amongst fashion consumers” (509).

There are several pros to mediatization and it’s involvement with the fashion institution. A perfect example of mediatization in regards to fashion, are fashion shows. The “fashion show”, or place to show off the latest trends has drastically changed from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century because of mediatization. A current day fashion show involves high-technology lighting and sounds. As well, a fashion show involves social media and the presence of fashion bloggers. Fashion bloggers utilize images and writing content to promote the latest in fashion.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr have become major parts of the fashion show. Fashion bloggers will use these social media platforms to live stream the fashion show to their followers. There is the ability to live stream on Facebook and Instagram so that way consumers who were not invited to the runway show can get a glimpse of the clothing in real time.

Celebrities and influencers have aided the process of using social media during fashion shows to show the public the new clothing. An example of mediatization and the fashion institution is Derek Blasberg. Derek Blasberg, 35 years old, is an American writer and editor. He is Vanity Fair’s ‘Our Man on the Street,’ a senior staff member at the Gagosian gallery, and the host of the television show ‘CNN Style.’ Derek is best known for his Instagram pictures featuring celebrities from the likes of Kendall Jenner to Karlie Kloss to Miranda Kerr.

Derek uses Instagram to show off the latest fashion trends and fashion shows. He is constantly updating his feed with images of fashion shows, celebrity trends, and activities to do from coast to coast.


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Derek exemplifies mediatization because consumers on Instagram are able to view his fashion posts and go to the website of the clothing company and purchase the look. He is always online and posting and is seated in the front of fashion shows.

Derek uses the media to promote and display the latest in the fashion industry.



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